The Eric Volz Case: Documented: In today's fast-paced world, citizen advocacy is often hindered in supporting a particular case because the facts and primary documents aren't organized and readily accessible in one place.

The Truly Inside Story: This website gives unprecedented access to in-depth case material such as: photographs and video from inside prisons, headshots of main characters, audio tapes from trial, autopsy reports, government documents, witness statements, crime scene photos, original police case file, defense motions, court rulings, and newspaper articles.

Special Access Code: A special code printed in each copy of Gringo Nightmare is required to gain access to the interior Exhibit Hall. Why a code, one might ask? The answer is simple; with respect to the sensitive nature of certain exhibits and the desire to maintain the integrity of the facts and individuals associated with this case, a level of security is necessary.

In a further effort to spur meaningful debate and eventual reform, access will be granted (without the need for a code) to students, press, legal council, and judges of the Nicaraguan Supreme Court and members of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States. Simply contact the Author for permission.

How To: The book uses a superscript "EX.xx" within the text, indicating there is an exhibit in this online archive corresponding to that point in the text. In order to view this exhibit, readers must enter the number of the exhibit in the box on the right. For example, exhibit 14 is represented in the text by the superscript note EX.14.

Stay tuned for a step by step video "How To" coming soon.

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Gringo Nightmare: A chilling tale of how political pressure and a rigged judicial process led to the conviction of an innocent man; and a powerful story of how one man's faith in the truth, combined with grassroots pressure from people around the world who had never met Eric Volz, eventually helped to end an unjust imprisonment.
—KC Johnson, author of Until Proven Iinnocent

In seeking Justice for Doris, this book serves as a piece of evidence; an insider's investigative report of an unsolved murder and the ongoing legal case surrounding it. We expect the Nicaraguan government to deliver justice.

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