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Eric Volz is looking for a publisher, university, organization, or private entrepreneur who would be interested in partnering for the development of an innovative public education project.

This initiative will take the broad lessons learned from his story from on the pages to on the ground through the production and distribution of classroom curriculum modules, primarily for, but not limited to Nicaraguan and American university-level environments.

The learning material will raise awareness about the significance of the rule of law and, while creating a dialogue about how cross-cultural differences and international political tensions can impair the ability of national and international legal institutions to deliver true justice. The modules will target International Law/Political Science, Journalism/ Cultural studies, and Criminology majors.

Interested parties should send questions or comments to

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Gringo Nightmare: A chilling tale of how political pressure and a rigged judicial process led to the conviction of an innocent man; and a powerful story of how one man's faith in the truth, combined with grassroots pressure from people around the world who had never met Eric Volz, eventually helped to end an unjust imprisonment.
—KC Johnson, author of Until Proven Iinnocent

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